When the Workday Burns You Out

Picture this.  You are driving home from another exhausting day at work.  Or maybe you’ve been busy with lots of after school activities.  Either way, the last thing you feel like doing is cooking a meal.  This is exactly how I found myself pulling into a local restaurant called BRGRS N MORE.  While it’s not the first time I’ve been here, this place has never disappointed me.  A quick glance of their reviews on Urbanspoon and its pretty apparent I am not the only one who feels this way.

Take out always feels a little more special when put on a proper plate - not that this meal needed any help though!

Take out always feels a little more special when put on a proper plate – not that this meal needed any help though! *side note – I got a lot more fries than pictured here, but this is as many as I dared to put on my plate*

I ordered their single burger with a bunch of toppings.  There wasn’t too much of any one thing on the burger and it was delicious.  You know, the kind of delicious that makes you not even mind the mess the burger makes while you’re eating it (which my dogs also greatly appreciate).  And I am sure that the “100% beef that is never frozen” doesn’t hurt either.

I would be remised if I didn’t mention their fries and the internal fight I had with myself not to eat some as I finished my drive home.  The smell of them tempted me as it overwhelmed my car.  Their traditional fries are tasty, served hot and not overly salty.  The only thing that makes these even better is their special fry sauce.  Forget the ketchup.  This sauce is a dreamy mix of mayo and something slightly spicy that gives the fries a wonderful kick.  Now if they just made sweet potato fries this meal would be perfect (shameless hint).


Sign from the road

Tucked away off Needmore Rd (click here for directions) in a small shopping center between Wilma Rudolph Blvd and Union Hall Rd, this place is a cheeky nod to urban design.  They have industrial style stained concrete floors, richly colored walls and an open grill area where you can see your food being made.  You can count on this place being super clean all the time.  While I opted to pick up my food to go, you can also dine in or take advantage of their free delivery.

So are you craving a burger yet?  Thanks for taking the time to check out this week’s post.  With President’s Day weekend just around the corner I am already planning a fun packed weekend.  I can’t wait to share it with you soon!

Brgrs N More on Urbanspoon



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