Canyon Road Steakhouse and Beer Garden

I have officially found my favorite restaurant in the Fort Campbell area.  This realization came under the most unexpected circumstances.  In my past post I talked about my afternoon adventures during President’s Day weekend.  The day only got better attending the “Meet the Artist-Wine and Food Paring” event at Canyon Road Steakhouse and Beer Garden.  The whole evening was a mix of passion and some of the unexpected.  Before you get any wild ideas in your head, let me explain.

Time to celebrate!

Time to celebrate!

I went to this event with mixed feelings.  I had heard different things about this restaurant but knew they were under different ownership and any negative comments I had heard came from when it was originally opened.  I also have a tendency to be a bit of a wine snob.  Oh, who am I kidding – I am a huge wine snob and extremely critical of white wines in particular.  Additionally, I have an ackward adversion to themed events and this one was celebrating Mardi Gras with costume optional.  So why in the world did I fall in love with this place?  I’ll tell you.

First, let me talk about the owners.  I was immediately impressed with their passion not only for the restaurant itself, but the food, wine and hosting a great event.  There was a sense of community and celebration as they welcomed an inspiring and talented artist to showcase his water paintings.  They couldn’t have done more to make people feel welcome.  In watching the owners work there was a real generosity of spirit that couldn’t be missed.

Great food and wine!

Great food and wine!

Now onto the food and wine.  It is the main reason you go to a restaurant, right?  If the owners didn’t win me over already, the wine and food pairing sealed the deal.  Each of the five courses were well-balanced and evenly matched with a complex wine.  And here was the biggest surprise of the night – shrimp and cheesy moonshine grits (still get a grin on my face just thinking of this).  I have never, under any circumstances, ever liked grits.  I have had some fabulous Southern cooks make them for me and I still could never get past the first bite.  However that all changed with this amazing dish of epic flavor.  The shrimp cake had a slight crunch that complimented the creaminess of these grits.  I couldn’t get enough and that could have been the only dish I ate.  Each course after this continued to impress, with the exception of the crawfish boil.  But after those grits, who cares!

A few other things you should know.  They do this type of event monthly but reservations fill up fast.  I recommend following them on Facebook so you can find out when the events are and book your reservations quickly.  You could come with a group or by yourself cause you’ll be sharing a table with other people.  And finally, this place is dog friendly!  In the summer months, grab your pup and head over to their outside patio area to enjoy a meal and some beer.Canyon Road 3

So this isn’t the post I originally set out to write.  I thought I would spend a lot more time talking about all the different dishes and wines.  But I was overwhelmed with this restaurant’s sense of community and putting together an amazing experience that I truly hope this post does justice in expressing this.  And finally, do yourself a favor.  Take advantage of this fantastic restaurant and have a great time.

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