Get Moving: Fort Campbell MWR Eagle Fitness Tour

What motivates you to achieve things in life?  Is it public acknowledgement?  Maybe it is something shiny with a certificate to mount on a wall in your home or office?  Or maybe are you the quiet type that just needs a “job well done.”  I’ll be honest; it is all about something shiny for me.  But I will get back to this in just a minute.

So it is still early in the start of 2014 and as I read the newspaper one morning I see pictures of people participating in the Fort Campbell MWR Eagle Fitness Tour.  How in the world did I miss the start of it again this year?  Maybe it had something to do with the fact I was planning for my awesome President’s Day weekend.  No excuses this year.  I’m doing this!  Why?  Because if I participate in at least 4 to 10 of their events I get a medal (my something shiny).  The events run from February through November.  There are a wide variety of events to participate in and from the looks of things I should be able to do at least 8 of them.  There is a combination of running, biking, and obstacle course conquering available to choose from.

But here is where you need to kick things into high gear.  The next event is coming up the 15th of March!  Its the USO Ten-Miler.  If you are like me, and haven’t been training at all, consider doing their newly added 5K or 1 mile fun walk.  See, no excuses!

So I ask again, what motivates you?  Do you have any plans to get active and be healthy?  If so, what are they?  Any tips for someone doing their first 5K?  Hope to see you at the finish line!


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