30 Days (and then some…ooppss)

I had this fun idea in my head that 30 days into launching this blog I would do a recap. Uumm..well, that day came and went (8 March 2014 would have been “the day”). So even though this is well past due, I’m still celebrating our first 30 days. They were fantastic, with tons of support, and great fun! Here is a recap.

  • The Name: This was almost an impossible task for me. For three days I brain stormed with a friend to come up with the perfect name. It was originally going to be “SoSocial” but the domain name wasn’t available and it never rolled off the tongue well. So when Off the Installation was thought of I was over the top with joy that the domain name was available and no social media sites were using the name either! It was perfect and just fit what I was trying to do. Can we all say “it was meant to be?!?”

    What brainstorming looks like.

    What brainstorming looks like.

  • The Fans: It’s a bit nerve-racking to put yourself out there for judgment. I originally thought about using a pen name but I was encouraged by a friend to be brave. So I owned it, used my name, and asked my friends to support me. You guys certainly didn’t disappoint. Within 24 hours of first launching the fan page on Facebook I already had 50+ followers. Yes, 50! And each week that number has consistently grown. This would not be possible if it wasn’t for you guys and I thank you from the depths of my heart – I am blessed beyond measure!

    These moments always make me smile!

    These moments always make me smile!

  • Exciting Additions: The interactive map, with link backs to blog post, has to be one of my favorite features about this blog. I always knew I wanted to add one, but the “how to” was lost on my non-techy self. After a couple of weeks of trial and error (lots of error) it finally came together into what it is today. I hope this serves as a great planning tool when you are mapping out your next adventure.
  • By the Numbers: To date the blog has been viewed by 302 people, in three different countries. My post When the Workday Burns You Out, Canyon Road Steakhouse and Beer Garden, and Cloud 9: The Place I Wanted to Like have been the most popular post respectively. And while my Facebook page drives most of the traffic to my blog, hits from urbanspoon and various search engines are quickly climbing in numbers.

    The moment you think "you've finally arrived."

    The moment you think “you’ve finally arrived.”

In closing, this blog has become a real joy for me. I’ve been able to try out new places, experience new things and celebrate the idea of community. I hope that my genuine appreciation for the experience comes across with each post and that you are able to gain something from them. Be inspired to take your own adventures, invite your neighbor over for a glass of moonshine, or plan a day trip with your family. And lastly, I hope a year from now (I’m marking 6 February 2015 in my calendar now) I am able to celebrate another milestone with all of you.


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