Needing an Escape: Liberty Park and Blackhorse Pub

driving1My friends will say I should come with a warning label: “Hanging out with this girl might land you on a blog post.”  I got the slightly annoyed question from my friend as I snapped pictures of our food while it was being served.  It is Sunday afternoon and I knew two things.  First, was that I had been spending a lot of time taking care of things in my personal life which had depleted my energy and ability to do much else.  And secondly, my blog was suffering as a result.

The motorcycle - yup, he bought it.

The motorcycle – yup, he bought it.

Knowing I needed to do something nice for myself that I could also blog about was a priority.  What originally was supposed to be an afternoon at Liberty Park turned into much more.  Like, ‘let’s buy a motorcycle,’ more.  My friend and I made our way past Ashland City, TN in what turned out to be a beautiful drive through some back roads.  Spring is in full bloom.  The colors of Earth waking up, bursting with green, yellow and purples are just breathtaking.

With a motorcycle behind me (yes, my friend bought a motorcycle) we headed to Liberty Park.  I forgot to mention that both my dogs were in tow since I needed to get them out too.  This was the first time I had been to Liberty Park.  There is this wonderful pond with a walking path that we decided to take the dogs around.  We maybe explored a third of what this park had to offer.  In a huge field besides us there were kids playing with wooden swords and shields sparring each other.

The view from Liberty Park.

The view from Liberty Park.

Families were out with kites and others were gathered around picnic tables, fishing and enjoying a meal outside.  There is an elaborate medieval looking playground that could keep kids occupied for hours.  We passed up taking advantage of the dog parks (I should mention that my friend and I had only eaten breakfast and dinner was fast approaching, so we were rather hungry) and opted to stick to the path around the pond.

After dropping the dogs off at my house, my friend decided we should go to the Blackhorse Pub.  My first reaction was “sweet potato fries” and he was craving a steak.  Blackhorse Pub was exactly what you should expect from a well established local micro brewery.  The food here is consistently good and the beer hits the spot.  We started off with ordering a round of their Barnstormer Red brew.  Of all their beers this is my favorite.  They do offer a flight of beers which is small sampling of a few of their brews.  Perfect for exploring new flavors and learning what you like.  My friend, apparently hungrier than I was, ordered their chips with beer cheese dip.  To which he commented afterwards, was overpriced.  Most everyone I know raves about this beer cheese dip.  I don’t find it to be anything special, but I am certainly in the minority with that assessment.  I had my go-to favorite at Blackhorse – their mini pub burgers.  They are all beef sliders with caramelized onions and cheese.  I opted to have mine with swiss cheese, rather than cheddar.  And then there are the sweet potatoes fries.  I know I obsess over these, but they are just so good!  It’s the only way I eat sweet potatoes.  Ask for their spicy ranch sauce on the side for dipping to round the flavors of these fries.  You won’t regret it!

Beer cheese dip and Barnstormer Red brew.

Beer cheese dip and Barnstormer Red brew.

Overall it was a great day to relax and enjoy the day.  With the warmer weather finally hitting us, what fun stuff do you have planned?

So delish!

So delish!

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