The Concept


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So what is this all about…

The concept for this blog was born out of a frustration that numerous interstate and international moves creates while trying to settle in and explore a new place.  Now let’s throw in the complication of making and connecting with friends in such a transient community.  While sharing this frustration with a fabulous long distance friend, the idea of a blog was form and it instantly played into my nature of always wanting to help others.  My hope from all this is that you’ll find some great information on different places I have explored, be inspired to take on your own adventures and connect with others in our community.

Although I have a wide variety of interest, the main things you will see on this blog are post about social events, things to do, and celebrating community.  I try to feature things that play into supporting local businesses, helping others, sustainable, and all around great fun.  So you might find a post on a fitness event I attended that helped me get active, or a review of a restaurant that sources their food from the local area.

As a final disclaimer, at the present time I do not receive any benefit from featuring different places on my blog, other than the joy of the experiences.  If I do start advertising then I will disclose that information up front.

I am always looking for places to go and events to participate in to feature in my blog.  If you have a recommendations please use the contact form below.

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About the author

Monica is a single professional attempting to strike the balance between her career and having a social life amidst a transient military community.  She is a self-described Army Brat, sometimes reluctant globetrotter and occasional artist with a firm dedication to helping others.  This is her attempt to discover the small gems that the local area has to offer while connecting with friends and maybe learning a few things about herself along the way.


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